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I like to introduce myself as a Full Stack Robotics Engineer, Researcher, an ROS developer. Loves teaching, travelling, photography and exploring new technologies in the field of robotics. Recently completed my B.Sc. in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. After 5 years I want to see myself contributing actively in the field of Robotics.

My passion for robotics can be traced back to my schools days. Whether as a Leader of school science project team or a sole kid researcher exploring internet to know how electronic device, machine or a computer works, now I believe I had been on an engineering path from the very begining. Now dreaming of a world where robots actually understand what they are doing. Developing the definitive tool that will make it happen.

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  • Language: English, Bangla
  • Address: 1206, Vashantek, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Citizen: Bangladesh
  • Email: akashmoniruzzaman@gmail.com

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Bachelor of Science in Robotics and Mechatronics Engineering

University of Dhaka


Higher Secondary Certificate

Shaheed Police Smrity College


Secondary School Certificate

Bhashantek School and College


January 2023-Present

Maple Leaf International School

Robotics Instructor

Maple Leaf is one of the most prestigious English medium International schools in Bangladesh.

March 2021-Present


Freelance Robotics Engineer

I am a Level-2 freelancer website Fiverr with more than 80 projects completed. Working in the domain of robot hardware and software development along with schematic design and consultancy service

September 2021-February 2022

DataSoft Manufacturing & Assembly Inc. Ltd

Engineer Level-I Part time

Recently joined the R&D team of intelligent embedded device after successful completion of 3 month engineering intern here.

April 2021-August 2021

ITCAN Technology and Digital Marketing, Dubai, UAE

Freelance Data Miner

ITCAN is a Dubai based multinational company. I worked here as a remote full time freelancer. I used Python to write data mining scrips and develop smart algorithms to make it efficient. Also used mongoDB and amazon web service to manage all the data.

May 2021-July 2021

DataSoft Manufacturing & Assembly Inc. Ltd.

Engineering Intern

DataSoft is a leading tech company in Bangladesh. Had an experience of working with R&D team of medical IoT device.

March 2021-Present

Bangladesh Robot Olympiad

Academic Coordinator

I manage a team of 21 members that helps organizing Bangladesh Robot Olympiad nationally. Our team also helps educating students on different aspects of Robotics backed by ICT ministry of Bangladesh.

February 2020- February 2021

RMEDU Student Club, University of Dhaka


My role is to maintain accounts and distribute to all secretary affairs.

June 2019-Present

Bangladesh Robot Olympiad


I am still actively working as a mentor of nationally selected teams to make them ready for International Robot Olympiad.


Team DUcepticons

Team Lead

It is a team of talented minds working on innovative robotic projects and participate in National and International Robotic competitions. Till now we have participated in 15 national robotic competitions over the past two years. We also achieved top positions in 6 of them.
Here my role is to develop hardware and electrical design and thereby fabrication and help on software integration.


RMEDU Student Club,University of Dhaka

Assistant Secretary of Data and Research

My role was organizing workshop on different aspects of Robotics research.



Hardware Specialist

An aspiring Bangladeshi startup tech company serving with Web development, Printing and Graphic desingn Solutions. I served here in R&D sector of embedded electronic devices.


"It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skills" - Wilbur Write







ROS(Robot Operating System)


Embedded Systems




3D printing




PCB Design(Proteus, Eagle, EasyEDA)












Web Scraping


Awards & Achievements

April 2019


Reality Show "Esho Robot Banai" : Channel-i

This was the first ever Robotics project based reality show on national TV channel "Channel i".

March 2019

2nd Runners-Up

BUET Robofiesta,BUET

This was a line follower competition in BUET, one of the top university in Bangladesh.

March 2019


IntraDU project Showcasing : University of Dhaka

Robotics project competition in our University.

February 2019

1st Runners-Up

AUST Mindsparks : AUST

Competitive line follower robot competition held at Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology.

October 2017


IntraDU Robofest : University of Dhaka

Line following robot competion in our University.

April 2017

2nd Runners-Up

DUET Techfest : DUET

First ever Robotics competition that I had participated.

July 2014

Udvashito Mukh Award


Secured 60th Position Among 29600 Open-Book Model Test Examinees from whole country.

SWOT analysis


"When "SWOT" analysis doesn't work, "SO WHAT" analysis does?" - Amol Gade


Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?(55:13)


Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?(55:13)


Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?(55:13)


Then which of the favors of your Lord will you deny?(55:13)


My Projects

"It takes half of your life before you discover life is a do-it-yourself project" - Napoleon Hill

Fiducial Marker Based Welding Simulator for Bangladesh Army

Developed this entire simulation system for EME Centre and School, Bangladesh Army.

5-DOF Industrial Robotic Manipulator with vision system

Developed the initial version as lab project later updated to present at "Channel i"(National TV channel).

Application of MAPF algorithm on Collaborative Mobile Robots

Objective of the project was to develop 5 mobile robots prototype for working in govt. post office to automate their warehouse.

IHABOT: Intelligent Hospital Assistance Robot

IHABOT exists to fight contagion by reducing Doctor-Patient interaction.

Haate-khori: Bengali Handwriting Teaching Robot for Children

Goal of this project is to develop a robotic system that will teach children Bengali handwriting interactively

Nivoso | Automatic Snow Cleaning Robot

Worked as the Robot programmer designed path planning algorithm for the project. Also designed a snow measurement unit that is applied for US provisional Patent.

Selfmade 3D printer

Developed this 3D printer from scratch. Had experience of product sourcing, hardware assembly, firrmware management, electrical bug fixing etc.

CNC Handwriting Machine

Developed the initial version as lab project later updated to present at "Channel i"(National TV channel).

ROS Robotic Challenge Solve

Solved a Wall Follow Fhallenge on a Popular Robot operating system learning platform "The Construct".

Multi agent path planning using conflict based search algorithm

Challenge here was path planning of 24 agents simultaneously to assemble themself in a defined orienation. Had experience of working with centralized and decentralized path planning algorithms on the go.

DRRT based 3D dynamic path planning for robotic manipulator

Goal here was to implement a customised algorithm based on DRRT algorithm for optimesing motion of Robotic manipulator.

A* Algorithm Based 8-puzzle Solver Robot

It was developed for the Artificial Intelligence lab project as a team.


My Blog

“Blogs are whatever we make them. Defining ‘Blog’ is a fool’s errand.”
- Michael Conniff

Learn About Robotics Engineering

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Robotics engineering combines multiple fields of study, such as computer science and electrical engineering, to build robots.

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“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” – Chinese Proverb

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